When our kids were young our boys watched Veggie Tales.  One of the songs we used to hear around the house was, “God is bigger than the boogie man.”  I bet I’ve heard this lyric a hundred times, “God is bigger than the boogie man. He’s bigger than Godzilla,  Or the monsters on TV. Oh, God is bigger than the boogie man. And He’s watching out for you and 404 Not Found

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me.”  It’s a simple, silly song, but what a powerful message.

As believers, we all know that God’s got this.  We are to be people of faith and love as opposed to fear.  While we chose to trust God in this life, that doesn’t mean that problems won’t come our way.  It doesn’t mean that our community won’t be harmed by the virus. And it doesn’t even mean that you, me or someone we love won’t get the virus.  It does mean, however, we have nothing to fear because, as one of the teachers used to always say, “Not all of God’s accounts are settled in this life.”

One thought that I find empowering, as a believer, is that Scripture speaks of God as the “Lord  of hosts.”  (Ps. 46:7)  That’s a reference to His control over angels.   Angels are awe-inspiring beings. Whenever someone in Scripture was in the presence of an angel they were on their face.  Jehovah is the “Lord of hosts.” He is the ruler of angels. He has, as Jesus suggested in the garden, legions of angels at His disposal.  Throughout history, mere human beings have wrestled with the vastness of such a thought. MacLaren’s Exposition states, “I think we shall come to this conclusion, that by that title, ‘the Lord of hosts,’ the prophets and psalmists meant to express the universal dominion of God over the whole universe in all its battalions and sections, which they conceived of as one ranked army, obedient to the voice of the great General and Ruler of them all.”

Think about that – our God has “universal dominion over the whole universe in all its battalions and sections.”  As we enter into what looks to be a “new normal” for hopefully a short period of time, may I encourage you to pause and reflect upon that thought – your God is the “Lord of hosts.”  A song that I find so powerful in this regard is Chris Tomlin’s 2013 song, “Whom Shall I Fear.”  God is the “Lord of hosts” and God is Bigger!

“Lord, strengthen us with your Spirit in the inward man.  Be with us, with our families, our congregation and our country in the midst of this global health challenge.  And help us to be emboldened by the mere thought of You being the ‘Lord of hosts.’ May your angel armies watch over us, today, tomorrow and the rest of our lives.”  In Jesus’ name, Amen.”


God Is Bigger

March 17, 2020


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